AI assisted radiology workflow

FracID aids in detecting fracture types, multiple abnormalities, and other finding in less than 1 minute. 


FracID AI Solution helps in detecting multiple health parameters from radiology images; it scans images and detects fracture types, abnormalities; assist radiologist, orthopaedic surgeons, and clinicians with 100% accurate assessment.  

The solution can be Integrated with any Radiology Information System, or PACS. The assessment outputs are processed and report within one minute for each image scan. 

How It Works?

The AI solutions uses deep learning technology to automate the X-ray image processing, clear image noises, interpretation process, generate assessment report. It helps significantly reduces time to diagnosis, print x-rays, avoid CT scanning.

Data Management for Payers

Image Processing

Deep Learning

Assessment Report


Conventional diagnosis process takes longer time to diagnosis, may results in wrong treatment procedure, longer time to recovery, increase in treatment cost and negative patient care experience. 

High precision detection algorithm has been used to train the model result in faster and accurate outcome.

20x End-to-end Diagnosis Time

100% Accurate Diagnostics

25% faster Patient Recovery Time

Can be deployed on-cloud or on-premises

300% Diagnosis & Treatment Cost Saving

Reduces radiology workloads

Short turn-around time

Clinically validated


Emergency cases, and patients at ICU, outpatients, inpatients, can us this solution for an urgent diagnosis on X-rays.  It helps clinicians scanning one or more X-ray images provide assessment reports or can be used for second reader. 

About Us

Ezovion Research Labs is founded through collaboration with a panel for doctors specialized on various healthcare practices. We aim to develop AI-based solutions that provide healthcare professionals with the ability to accelerate an accurate decision-making process and improve patient outcomes.